Charity Children

Charity Children

Work: Promotion “The Autumn Came” (debut album & record release show)

The tale of Charity Children is not a typical band story – it is a chronicle as genuine, pure and as profoundly heartfelt as the music they produce – one which spans two years and sees the New Zealand lovers rising in a foreign city where they knew no one, to eventually becoming one of the most celebrated indie-folk bands playing in Berlin today.

Soon after Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee fell in love making music, they embarked upon a musical odyssey to Germany where their street grown indie-folk very quickly became a Berlin institution – their music becoming a soundtrack to the vibrant but wounded city. Enchanting large audiences with their endearing style, raw energy and miraculous vocals, the pair would roam the city, every day, sending their melodies flying through Berlin’s streets and smoky bars. Their ukulele driven sound has the ability to disarm the most robust cynic, reminding those who listen of the necessary place of idealism in a less than ideal world.

The Autumn Came represents a selection of songs written and performed over the pair‘s first summer in Berlin and, moving inside, recorded over their first European winter. Collaborating with some of Berlin’s finest session musicians and producer Nigel Braddock, they transfer their distinctive street-folk sound into the studio, the arrangements expanding to feature an orchestra of horns, strings, percussion and even a childrens’ choir, all without losing the appealing innocence and sincerity which would often stop passersby in their tracks on the streets of Berlin.

The debut album lasts just 33 minutes, but in that time Charity Children take you on a journey from despair and alienation to one of joy and wonder and perhaps ultimately leaving you too, like them, feeling “hopelessly hopeful”.

Having their anthemic debut single Elizabeth winning ‘Best Song’ at the Berlin Music Video Awards and receiving widespread acclaim, the anticipation for their album was high. At the record release show they played in front of a frenetic crowd at legendary and sold-out Festsaal Kreuzberg, which burned down two weeks later.

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  • Now we’re in love… with Charity Children.DIE WELT kompakt
  • The two Berlin based Kiwis Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee seem to have studied the works of Devendra Banhart and CocoRosie with dedication, as they meet unerringly the childish and likewise melancholic intonation and the fancifully instrumentation.taz, die tageszeitung
  • On their debut album the duo proves, that they are not only capable of writing fragile folk songs. With the inclusion of a string and horn ensemble in the recordings they can also create orchestral power.Zitty Berlin
  • A band, which (…) plays beautiful creaking Lofi-Indiefolk. With a distinct instrumentation and genuin enthusiasm they are somewhere in the scope of Of Monsters And Men and Arcade Fire. With their extraordinary songwriting skills they are nominees for a great career. – intro