prComingSoon(BYKIMAKRICH)Coming Soon & Sarsaparilla
December 5th | Start: 8.30 p.m.
@ Privatclub | Skalitzerstr. 85-86 | 10997 Berlin

Coming soon – December 5th! French band Coming Soon is stopping by at Berlin’s Privatclub. On this occassion they will present new songs of their recent EP Dissappear here produced by Scott Colburn (Animal Collective, Prince Rama, Arcade Fire).

Coming Soon is founded in 2005 by Leo Bear Creek, Ben Lupus und Billy Jet Pilot – though they do not perform under this moniker yet. Together with former Moldy Peaches member Kimya Dawson they record several tracks as Antsy Pantsy for the soundtrack of the movie Juno. At this time they get to know French Indie-Popband Herman Düne, which have a strong influence on their future musical career.

Their odd band name derives from a situation in Kreuzberg at one of their first gigs ever. As they are still lacking a band name the club owner presents the band as “bandname is coming soon”. Amused by this announcement they settle for the name Coming Soon. With singer and part-time Dandy Howard Hughes and further musicians they have grown to a seven-piece band. Their sound is somewhere in the scope of (Anti-)Folk, Calypso and Electronic music.

For almost two years Coming Soon are working on stuff for their new album. As “an explosion of colors and endless party” the band itself describes the outcome of this long lasting rehearsal, touring and recording process. Their EP Disappear here is produced by Scott Colburn (Animal Collective, Prince Rama, Arcade Fire) and celebrates its release this October. Their full track LP will be in stores spring 2014 – so to say: Coming Soon!


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