HEIMSPIEL # 15: Paula & Karol
10. May | Kick-Off: 8.30 p.m.
@ Alter Roter Löwe Rein | Richardstr. 31 | 12043 Berlin

The concert series HEIMSPIEL kicks off with its 15th edition. On May 10th Warsaw based Paula & Karol drop by at Alter Roter Löwe Rein. The two will provide us with an intimate show without their fellow band members and will – as a duo – warm us up with their heartfelt urban-folk.

Paula & Karol – that’s Karol Strzemieczny and Paula Bialska, a Canadian with Polish roots, who as an adult moves to Warsaw. As a duo they started giving concerts at backyard parties and on street corners. They play folk-pop-songs with catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, which are meant for everyone. Their songs deal with love, luck and sorrow.

Paula & Karol strike the country as the music scene’s odd couple. Far beyond the postmodern hype of folk music, the two don’t intend to be cool – but honest. After publishing their first LP Overshare in 2010, the duo gained high acclaim in their country and were considered as the pioneers of Polish Indie-Pop.

Since then Paula & Karol has grown into a six-piece band. Together they recorded their two follow-up LPs Whole Again and Heartwash, which also earned them high reputation far beyond the borders of their home country and lead them on tours through Germany, the UK, America and Canada.

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