26. March | Kick-Off: 8.30 p.m.
@ Alter Roter Löwe Rein | Richardstr. 31 | 12043 Berlin

On March 26th Home is where your stereo plays returns for concert series HEIMSPIEL to Alter Roter Roter Löwe Rein. The upcoming concert hosts multi-media-artist Skiing and a short set by Marek Polgesek.

Skiing is the video-art project and one-man-band of artist/multi-instrumentalist Everett Darling (USA/DE). Lyrically witty, philosophical, and emotional, Skiing is concerned with marrying intelligence and feeling, while maintaing a humorous yet compassionate detachment. The music is rich in color and dynamics, with traditional rock-band gear positioned alongside subtle Baroque instrumentation. Lavish vocal-melodies might bring to mind Brian Wilson or The Everly Brothers.

Founded in 2010 by Darling and artist/designer Dianna Mertz, Skiing has moved beyond the confines of a traditional band-constellation. The concert showcases the interplay between pre-recorded and live performance, creating an environment where sound shares an equally significant space with image and text.

So far Skiing has released four LPs and two EPs, recorded with the help of fellow artists and musicians such as multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Marek Polgesek. He composes conceptional music with electronic and folkloric elements. On occasion of the upcoming HEIMSPIEL, which happens to be Everett’s birthday, Marek will play a short set and most certainly intone a birthday serenade.