HEIMSPIEL # 3: Enda Gallery & Yer Auld Wan
24. October 2013 | kick-off: 8.30 p.m.
@ Alter Roter Löwe Rein | Richardstr. 31 | 12043 Berlin

October 24th kicks off the third edition of HEIMSPIEL. Accompanied by Cellist Natasha Jaffe from US, Iranian born percussionist Shooresh Fezoni on the Daf and Cajon, and MERCURYMERCURY project collaborator Dave Mooney on delicate electronics, the Irish Singer-Songwriter Enda Gallery presents his bitter-sweet modern-folk songs at Alter Roter Löwe Rein.

It’s always a courageous step, when musicians decide to focus on their musical career while quitting with the routines of a previous life. For Enda Gallery it must have been an even tougher decision, as till then he had never played a gig or recorded a single track. 20 months after this life-changing choice and subsequent move to Berlin the Irishman has been involved in several bands including Charity Children, MERCURYMERCURY and his own musical project under the moniker Enda Gallery.

His songs are touching testimonials and reflect those situations, that everyone may have experienced before: moments of great discovery or truth, the special moment when two pairs of eyes meet and both can feel a certain tension, or a tearful final embrace, before both step out of each other’s life.