HEIMSPIEL # 8: Seth Faergolzia (ex-Dufus) & Heck Yup
8th May | Kick-off: 8.30 p.m.
@ Alter Roter Löwe Rein | Richardstr. 31 | 12043 Berlin

On May 8th Home is where your stereo plays kicks off with a new edition of its concert series. While touring Europe Seth Faergolzia – former member and singer of Antifolk legends Dufus – and his band Heck Yup stop by at Alter Roter Löwe Rein for HEIMSPIEL # 8.

About the same size should be the stage at Alter Löwe and the one at legendary Sidewalk Café. The New York venue is the self-proclaimed „Home of Antifolk“. Eversince the mid 90ies „ingenuine dilettants“ (Martin Büsser, Antifolk – von Beck bis Adam Green) such as the Moldy Peaches, Jeffrey Lewis and also Seth Faergolzia with his folks of Dufus join together. In short time a scene establishes around the Open Mic Session, encouraging and helping others to perform their own songs. It’s more about finding its own geniosity than doing a perfect but boring intonation of a folk classic – a routine which is quite common in the live venues around Lower East Side.

If there’s something like a Godfather of Antifolk, it would certainly be Seth Faergolzia. Martin Büsser describes the gigs of his band Dufus as a blend of Free-Jazz, Reggae and Folk combined with a melange of Hippie gestures and comedy in the realm of Monty Python. Dufus came to life as a loose experimental theatre group. Sometimes they would start a show in a four-piece constellation while at the end they would gather far musicians on stage. Meanwhile Seth Faergolzia does also perform as a solo artist and as 23 Psaegz with a bigger line-up.

Together with his band Heck Yup (which includes tuba, electric guitar, percussion, glockenspiel, loops and keyboards) he is currently touring Europe. Apart from HEIMSPIEL # 8 on thursday May 8th there’s another show on friday in ausland at Prenzlauer Berg.