HEIMSPIEL # 9: Paper beat Scissors & Who are you Lutra Lutra??
11th September | Kick-off: 8.30 p.m.
@ Alter Roter Löwe Rein | Richardstr. 31 | 12043 Berlin

On September 11th HEIMSPIEL # 9 kicks off. After a summer break Home is where your stereo plays happily returns to Alter Roter Löwe Rein to host its concert series. With the Canada based Paper beats Scissors and the French Duo Who are you Lutra Lutra?? the 9th edition has two far traveled acts in stock.

Who are you Lutra Lutra?? is the music project of Julien and Fabien Thomas, who recently moved from the windy french coast of Brittany to Berlin. Similar to their fellow countrymen of Herman Dune they respond quite cryptic to the question, if they are in any form related – due to their surname. But this biographical note is not the only parallel one can find: their storytelling is accompanied by elaborated sound layers of ukulele, guitar, mandolin, concertina and bells. Their tunes are sometimes soft and calm, sometimes loud and sharp, but always with a compulsive need for a strong melodic line.

Tim Crabtree’s haunting voice burns at the centre of Paper beat Scissors. A few years ago Tim moved from the UK to Halifax, Nova Scotia located at the East Coast of Canada. There he found a new musical home recording his highly-acclaimed self-titled debut with the help of Michael Feuerstack (Snailhouse, Bell Orchestre, the Luyas) and Arcade Fire Drummer Jeremy Gara. His songs are carried by his distinctive voice whose honesty and rawness skirts discomfort – slightly similar to the one of folk singer Joanna Newsom.

In the past few years Tim toured as opening acts for Mark Kozelek (Sun Kil Moon), Great Lake Swimmers and Dan Mangan. The Paper beat Scissors live show is an intense and intimate experience – solo finger-picked laments are paired with live loops and a haunting voice that slips into the music, then darts back out to pull the listener in.